Whitelodge Systems Ltd has been awarded ISO27001 Information Security certification

By |September 8th, 2017|News Snippets|

Whitelodge Systems Ltd the parent company of AllOnMobile Ltd and Whitespace Work Software Ltd is delighted to announce that it has successfully achieved the globally recognised ISO27001 Information Security certification.

This standard calls for businesses to adhere to best practice processes and procedures relating to information security.

CEO Mark Garvey commented “The entire business has brought into promoting information security as one of our top priorities and I am delighted with the results. This certification demonstrates our continued commitment to protecting customer data, and by achieving ISO27001 certification our customers can be reassured that their information is being protected to the highest international standards.”

“This process has been at the forefront of our security journey” explains Nick Hales CTO. “The security of data is paramount to our customer base across Whitespace and AllOnMobile so the business had to commit to the most comprehensive security standard. ISO27001 enables us to continue to ensure high availability, security and accessibility across our entire product range.”

The company was presented with the ISO27001 certificate by QMS International Ltd, a leading verification and certification body.

About Us

Whitespace Work Software Ltd is the leading provider of waste and environmental software to the UK public sector.

AllOnMobile Ltd is the market leader in Mobile Enterprise Solutions used by many of the UK’s largest service organisations.

NSL choose AllOnMobile Enterprise as their mobile working solution

By |August 31st, 2017|News Snippets|

AllOnMobile is delighted to announce that NSL, one of the UK’s leading service providers across Central and Local Government are expanding the use of AllOnMobile across their business. Our cost-effective Enterprise solution will provide NSL with the best fit to manage a larger number of users and allow them to roll out mobile working across new Parking Services contracts, as soon as they are won.

By implementing their own white-labelled Enterprise environment and having full control over how they use AllOnMobile’s powerful and highly-configurable platform, NSL are setting themselves apart from the competition. We are excited to be working with them as they use technology to deliver first class service and transform the sectors in which they operate.

Lancaster City Council choose AllOnMobile as their in-cab solution

By |August 30th, 2017|News Snippets|

Lancaster City Council is mobilising their Trade Service using AllOnMobile as their in-cab solution.

The council have chosen to replace their existing paper based system, with PowerSuite Trade and AllOnMobile. This will enable Lancaster City Council to deliver a more efficient service, reduce the risk of human error and improve their customer service.

We are excited to be working together with the council and help to deliver a better and more efficient service to their customers.

Derby City Council choose AllOnMobile and Whitespace Work Software

By |July 17th, 2017|News Snippets|

Derby City Council

Whitespace Work Software is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Waste Management contract with Derby City Council.

The solution will help the Council to streamline their services and to increase the speed and accuracy of the data the contact centre receives.

The implementation will consist of the following Whitespace products:

– PowerSuite Waste collection to meet the back-office requirements for Domestic and Commercial Waste

– AllOnMobile to link the crew to the back office and deliver the in-cab operations and vehicle checks

– PowerSuite Dashboard to provide end-users with easy to use business intelligence tools and management reporting capability

– PowerSuite API to integrate with Derby Council’s CRM system

We are delighted to be working together with Derby City Council to streamline their services and deliver extra value to the residents of Derby.

Fife Council choose AllOnMobile and Whitespace Work Software for commercial waste

By |March 27th, 2017|News Snippets|

AllOnMobile is pleased to announce Fife Council have successfully completed their mobilisation trial for commercial waste and are now ready to roll it out to the entire commercial waste service.

By using AllOnMobile they greatly reduce paper, help the crews navigate through their rounds in a simple and easy to use way and increase the speed and accuracy of the data the contact centre receives back.

We are delighted to work with Fife to reduce and effectively manage waste, promote the Councils services and promote a sustainable society.

AllOnMobile and Infotech help N3TC to increase operational efficiency and reduce time delays which could cost lives

By |March 27th, 2017|News Snippets|

The N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) was contracted to patrol and manage incidents along the N3 Freeway between Heidelberg Gauteng and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

They have equipped each patrol vehicle with a TomTom Bridge, which runs both the Intelligen Dispatch and AllOnMobile (AOM) apps.

When the call centre in Harrismith, KZN reports an incident, the CRM system records it and automatically creates a job card on the Infotech Intelligen platform for dispatching. A pre-populated electronic job card is sent to the AOM app on the mobile device of the particular vehicle, as it gets assigned to the scene.

The seamless integration between the CRM system, the Intelligen platform and AllOnMobile makes this process a breeze.

Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, the field worker removes the TomTom Bridge from the vehicle and begins management of the scene. He captures information using the AOM Electronic Incident Management form and can include photos and videos.

All this information is submitted in real time to the AOM Bridge and from there to the CRM software for processing and dispatching of additional support vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, tow vehicles, etc.) to the scene.

By allowing for the seamless flow of information from the field to the operations centre, AllOnMobile has increased operational efficiency and reduced time delays which could cost lives.

AllOnMobile helps N3TC to remove the burden of doing paperwork in the field while freeing up their field workers to manage incidents without having to make regular calls to the operators for information.

Infotech and AllOnMobile help Agron to supply the South African agriculture market

By |March 27th, 2017|News Snippets|

Agron is a company in the agriculture market of South Africa that supplies farmers with fertiliser products which scientifically match the needs of the farm.

They have a team that visits their farming clients to do assessments and advise the farmers on the type of fertiliser that is required.

AOM was deployed to their tablets for them to capture the following details regarding the client visit:

  • Pictures of the different kinds of grain and ailments
  • Product proposals
  • Quote calculation
  • Signature from the farmer
  • Exact GPS coordinates of the field where the fertiliser is required

Once completed, the form is submitted electronically to their head office and factory in Marble Hall, Mpumalanga, South Africa where they process the order.

A truck picks up the ready order and receives the GPS coordinates captured on the AOM form through the Infotech Intelligen Platform.

Upon delivery of the fertiliser to the farm, the driver opens his AOM app to obtain the signature on the delivery note by the farmer and submits it back to head office for processing of an invoice.

The AOM solution has provided the field staff with a highly efficient work tool, allowing them to record all relevant information and submit it in real time to their head office, while also capturing exact GPS delivery point for the delivery trucks.

The solution has improved service delivery to the client as well as ensuring accurate and more speedy processing of invoices.

Salford City Council extend Civica footprint by adding PowerSuite and AllOnMobile

By |March 27th, 2017|News Snippets|

We are delighted to announce that Salford City Council are adopting Whitespace PowerSuite and AllOnMobile to manage their Waste and Environmental Services via our supply partner, Civica.

Civica will be providing PowerSuite and the AllOnMobile service as the core ICT systems to manage the waste collection and street cleansing services for the Council.

The following products will be deployed by the Council:

  • APP PowerSuite to meet the back office requirements and management of contract servicing for refuse and recycling, commercial waste and other waste and street cleansing services
  • AllOnMobile to provide in-cab and mobile working
  • APP PowerSuite Dashboard will provide end-users with easy to use business intelligence tools and custom reporting capability

This project cements our strategic partnership working with Civica in the provision of ICT waste and environmental management and enterprise class mobile software for the local authority market.