How to end delays caused by paperwork once and for all

The situation for a paper-based company can be hard reading at times.

If your mobile workers use paper forms to capture information about their work, then you will be more than familiar with the mundane process’ of manually entering their data into your corporate systems. It’s a time consuming, mind numbing task, which is often made even more difficult when your workers forget to fill in an important field or provide illegible handwriting.

These difficulties can result in delayed payment processing, an unprofessional perception to your customers and increased unnecessary work the office staff have to handle.

Your customer service can also be challenged if a client calls the office asking for information regarding completed work. This could require your office staff to search through reams of paperwork to find the appropriate information. Pair that with the requirement to store your completed paperwork and this becomes an inefficient and costly solution.

Not only that, but you notice that your competitors are able to win more business, deliver better service and it feels like your company is struggling to catch up.

How to put an end to it?

All On Mobile has been designed to replace paper processes with a powerful mobile app, that requires minimum training.

By using our mobile app, your field-based workers can capture relevant information quickly and ensure that all information captured is in a customer facing state, no more illegible handwriting.

Furthermore, all mobile forms can include mandatory fields to ensure the exact information you require is captured on the job.

Evidence can be added to forms including photos, videos and signatures. All of these fields are automatically geotagged and time stamped for a more powerful audit trail.

Once submitted, the information is automatically filed into your corporate systems, meaning your office staff will never have to manually enter data again. They can finally focus on business-critical tasks and provide better service to your customers.

Having all of your information delivered electronically means that you can get rid of all those filing cabinets that take up office space. If a customer calls to enquire about information for a completed job, your office staff can find this easily by checking the corporate system – all in a matter of seconds.

In times when competition grows more and more fierce, being able to streamline your processes and focus on delivering the best possible service is often the best way to win more customers. All On Mobile can help you to achieve this, with a minimum amount of training required. It’s a solution that pays for itself and definitely something you want to introduce in your business.

All On Mobile can quickly revolutionize your business and we are so confident that we are happy to offer a free no obligation demo and trial of the software.

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