Customer spot light: Chevron Traffic Management

The client

Chevron Traffic Management are the largest independent traffic management company providing temporary traffic management services throughout England and Wales, boasting exceptional performance and execution.

The challenge

For Chevron Traffic Management to continue achieving at its current level of quality, their workforce and resources must meet a certain set of standards to certify safety and performance.

A paper-based system was used to collect information for different processes including vehicle transfers between depots, vehicle receipts and personnel health checks. This frequently lead to slow processing times, inaccurate information and occasionally lost documents.

The solution

All On Mobile empowered Chevron Traffic Management to digitise their processes. The new digital mobile forms are integrated into their systems and guide users through its user-friendly interface using prompts to show what information is required for the task at hand. The data collected is then stored on a central database where information can be reviewed and audited.

The results

The mobile forms have streamlined Chevron Traffic Management’s processes and helped them save money on paper and admin time as information is automatically uploaded. Data collected has also proven to be more accurate and complete, helping the business understand more about their teams and resources to make more informed strategic decisions.

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