How can local authorities drive efficiency in 2018?

All local authorities strive to serve their residents with the best possible service across a multitude of areas. From social care to waste collection, all departments are being driven to provide a modern, efficient and robust service at a lower cost. To cement the issue research has shown that local authorities are preparing to face a funding gap of at least £5.8 billion over the next two years. With these ever increasing public demands and budgetary pressure from central government, simply providing a service can seem like an uphill struggle.

How can councils provide a better service with reduced resources?

The way councils carry out their duties has fundamentally transformed over the last few years. Residents have become more tech-savvy and the world has embraced digital.

Local authorities must explore technological solutions that encourage digital interaction with residents but also the automation of processes internally which can save costs and increase productivity.

Local authorities can use these modern solutions to streamline and even fully automate repetitive processes that take up time and resources.  Modern cloud-based solutions have made it possible for councils to run their administration more effectively and deliver a better experience to their residents. This allows council staff to focus on critical tasks safe in the knowledge that admin is being taken care of.

Whitespace Work Software is at the forefront of this digital revolution. Having fully embraced cloud and mobile solutions has allowed the business to become the No. 1 choice for waste management software to public sector organisations. Our market leading technology enables councils to drive efficiency by allowing them to manage their resources more effectively. (For more information, visit

The public sector has also seen a rapid rise of transformation projects that allow local authorities to embrace mobile working solutions. The benefits of embracing mobile workforce management applications are vast, from improving data integrity, employee communications and employee safety all the way through to increased productivity. There is no doubt that local authorities should encourage the use of modern apps within their departments.

All On Mobile is one of the leading mobile working solution providers in the UK. We have worked closely with local authorities to help them streamline work processes and manage their field-based staff more effectively. This solution can be deployed across a variety of departments for processes including Waste Management, Health and Safety Inspections, Grounds Maintenance, Facilities Management and many more. (For more information, please contact us on

By partnering with leading technology providers like Whitespace and All On Mobile, local authorities can draw on years of industry leading experience alongside the most cutting edge technology to ensure that their digital journey streamlines processes, increases productivity and provides a better service to the public. All within an appropriate budget with a proven business case. Get in touch today to see how we can help create a win-win situation for councils and residents alike.

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