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Complete any job

Complete any job that requires information capture including deliveries, inspections, orders, vehicle checks and many more.

Replace paper forms with a mobile application

Improve the data capture of your field workers by allowing signatures, photos, videos, barcode scanning and decorated images to your forms.

Use anywhere

Complete jobs even without internet connection, allowing you to work anywhere and under any conditions.

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Bespoke Forms

Create any form with our simple drag and drop interface.

Rules Engine

Make your forms smarter following custom sets of rules.

API Integration

Use any back-office system that supports the industry standard API.

Easy to Use

You can quickly learn how to build and edit your own forms.

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AllOnMobile Ltd are happy to announce that NSL have deployed AllOnMobile, organisation wide, as part of their internal MyNSL initiative.

With the use of AllOnMobile, NSL have created a “MyContribution” app, which is available to over 5000 members of their organisation.

The app is used to collect employee feedback and suggestions on how to improve day-to-day processes across projects.

We are delighted to be working with NSL as part of this project.

iOS News

We are delighted to announce that South Hams Council has awarded Whitespace Work Software Limited the contract to supply Telemetric In-Cab Information System until 2019.

The new system will enable the Council to provide a more responsive and well managed waste collection service and will involve a number of integrations to include CRM packages, in-cab and mobile working software.

The implementation will consist of the following Whitespace products:

  • PowerSuite Waste Collection to meet the back office requirements and management of contracts servicing both domestic and trade collections
  • PowerSuite Dashboard will provide end-users with easy to use business intelligence tools and management reporting capability.
  • AllOnMobile will link the in-cab crew to the back office and deliver the in-cab operations
  • TomTom WEBFLEET will provide back office staff and contact centre staff real time access to fleet positioning and help reduce fuel consumption whilst improving driving habits

We are delighted to be working with South Hams on this exciting project.

You can benefit from fleet management apps

We are delighted to announce that our solution has been successfully validated to work with Zebra TC55.

The Zebra TC55 is specifically designed to survive the most demanding of environments with its long lasting battery life and drop & spill protection.

This allows workers in industries, where the average smartphones fall short, to adopt the AllOnMobile solution and replace their paper based processes.

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Mobile Printing

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest Android and iOS clients is now available for download.

The release is also available for all TomTom PRO82** and Android users as a direct download from our website.

Important Information:

  • All administrators should arrange for their devices to be updated in a timely fashion
  • All users should submit any saved jobs BEFORE doing the update
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The Dudman Group of Companies has installed the TomTom Telematics fleet management solution into 25 of the 45 vehicle fleet. All of the equipped vehicles are also using the ruggedised TomTom PRO 8275 7" driver terminal, which on top of standard TomTom features allows for third-party apps to be developed to add functionality.

The third party software is supplied by AllOnMobile (AOM) which allows for the reduction of paper based processes through development of online forms and includes daily vehicle checks, job scheduling and signature capture. Loading times at all company sites are less, allowing the driver to leave once checked and there is no longer the need to wait for a paper ticket to be produced.

Download the full case study

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In our new case study video we show you how AllOnMobile is used by Straight 8 Logistics in the transportation of a classic AC Aceca - one out of 151 cars ever produced.

Janet News

Stockton on Tees and South Holland & Breckland Council select Civica Community Mobile to turn their office into a thing of the past.

AllOnMobile will link to Civica's APP to meet the council’s mobile requirements.

By providing flexible form-based solutions the Civica Community Mobile platform offers a fully customisable solution for Environmental Health departments.

Watch Janet's story video
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