Infotech and All On Mobile help Agron to supply the South African agriculture market

Agron is a company in the agriculture market of South Africa that supplies farmers with fertiliser products which scientifically match the needs of the farm.

They have a team that visits their farming clients to do assessments and advise the farmers on the type of fertiliser that is required.

AOM was deployed to their tablets for them to capture the following details regarding the client visit:

  • Pictures of the different kinds of grain and ailments
  • Product proposals
  • Quote calculation
  • Signature from the farmer
  • Exact GPS coordinates of the field where the fertiliser is required

Once completed, the form is submitted electronically to their head office and factory in Marble Hall, Mpumalanga, South Africa where they process the order.

A truck picks up the ready order and receives the GPS coordinates captured on the AOM form through the Infotech Intelligen Platform.

Upon delivery of the fertiliser to the farm, the driver opens his AOM app to obtain the signature on the delivery note by the farmer and submits it back to head office for processing of an invoice.

The AOM solution has provided the field staff with a highly efficient work tool, allowing them to record all relevant information and submit it in real time to their head office, while also capturing exact GPS delivery point for the delivery trucks.

The solution has improved service delivery to the client as well as ensuring accurate and more speedy processing of invoices.

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